represents a popular international dating site that is available in several languages. The services offered here are free of charge. A VIP variant is available for those, who don’t want to be disturbed by the annoying advertisement for a reasonable price. The site is most popular on the territory of Belgium, France and the UK. can boast about 250 000 regular visitors and can be seen in English, German and French languages.

Though the site is absolutely free the advertisements almost bombard you, when you sign in. Pop up invitations can be really irritating. The thing wouldn’t be so bad, if you were not brought to another pages, links, every try you reject or want to close the pop ups. Some people can find this a major turn off; however, still many people enjoy the site and the services it provides. A great way out is to pay a fee for VIP membership, and stay on the safe side from the constant and never-ending advertising. Otherwise, you dating can be rather time-consuming with

To get the access to the members, you need to create your profile. Even if you fill everything out, be ready to get an often reoccurring problem of your profile not being posted yet. To fill in your profile, you will need to go through two screens of information compelling. Be ready that many profiles lack details at The real strong side of is its chat section. The chats are not monitored and adult topics are not a rare thing there, so get ready. You will meet people looking for casual encounters, on-line romance, flirt and even those looking for potential spouses on-line. The search engine can be tricky as you have to mention whom you are seeking for and what they want instead of regular, age, gender, location, etc.

To summarize,  is a great dating site if you are ready to put up with constant adds and pop-ups. The site’s layout is not the prettiest, but it is free.

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