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What is Asexualitic about?

Online communities for asexuals

Online flirting and romance

Safety for sensitive types

Pricing policy

Success stories

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What is Asexualitic about?

This niche dating site also plays a role of the social platform for asexual people. There are plenty of singles and couples who position themselves as completely disinterested in sex personals.

They might be from any country of the world, of any race or ethnicity, and seek new friends or platonic romantic partners. Hetero men, women, gay, lesbian, and queer are greatly welcomed on the site.

Since the LGBTQ movement grows rapidly, the number of active members is increasing as well. It now makes over 56K in total, comparing to the 26K just a few years ago. Success rate grows as well.

Online communities for asexuals

People who chose to be asexual, for any personal reasons, may want to widen their circle of communication anyway. The users of Asexualitic can create various communities by interests online.

Cuddles Lovers, for example, is a group for the folks who like to hug and can even set up a date for watching a movie together, embracing each other and nothing more. Works for youngsters and divorcees.

The Nerd Corner group, surprisingly, has almost 750 members. It consists of anime lovers, popular soap opera lovers, Korean dorama lovers, and science geeks. There are similar groups too.

Romantic but sex-repulsed group gathers different categories of singles from young virgins to devoted Christians who don’t want to jump into intimacy too soon. It’s quite popular as well.

Heterosexual Aces is joined by many since the site itself has numerous LGBTQ members and traditionalistic singles needed their special cozy place for talks. This group is always in high demand.   

There are dozens of other communities by interests on Asexualitic, and users manage or edit them by themselves. Joining such a group increases the chances to find a friend in many times.

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Online flirting and romance

Lots of users never reach the point of real meeting at all.Their purpose is finding a penpal online or some virtual flirting, without even being naughty. Even married folks may need this kind of communication.

It surely includes the webcam chatting with all kinds of romance except for openly erotic kinds. It can be a friendly talk, cosplay talk, complimenting each other, or non-sexual submitting to each other.

Safety for sensitive types

Taking that mostly sensitive categories of people are interested in asexual relationships, the safety is especially vital. The site owners guarantee their platform is secure and well-protected.

  • Virgins. A person can choose to remain virgin for personal or religious reasons. Mocking is inacceptable in any case, so they feel more comfortable on platforms like Asexualitic.
  • Traumatized children. Therapists know well that teenagers and youngsters who had toxic parents and relatives, develop non-typical attitudes towards sex. It should be respected.
  • Queer. Gender-neutral folks do not want to identify as male or female before it feels really organic to them. Yet, they need friendships and communication no less than others.
  • Special needs teen. Well, the child with special needs once grows older and needs dating. If a person is autistic or too much introverted for making love, platonic stuff suits better.
  • Divorcees and lone wolves.Trauma may come from ex-partner too, not only from parents. For a certain period of time, such people do not want any intimacy, just talks.

These are several possible categories out of the long list. It is obvious they all have a different degree of sensitivity, but, bullying can be equally deadly to them. Asexualitic is their safe place.

What does the team do to provide that? It uses modern technical means and manual administration. All profiles and groups are previewed, bullying is strictly forbidden and censored. 

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Pricing policy

Since the concept of the site is very close to charity and helping people who need that the most, it is expected by some people it should be free. But it isn’t, and here are the reasons for such a decision.

Asexualitic users pay only $15 a year. Let’s recall it’s in fact a niche social network, and not all social networks or forums are free. If special protection and moderation are needed, it’s fair to pay.

At the same time, the price is affordable even for the teens, and one year is enough to find a big circle of like-minded buddies or even a soul mate. If not, each next year can be paid extra.

Success stories

“I found my best friend on Asexualitic. By the way, we don’t use this title much, as we are completely sex-repulsed. We chat there a lot, and all other new friends of mine are also awesome.

We always relocate to another place with my parents and there’s no chance for me to make friends in real life. When my salary is bigger, I will certainly travel to meet my buddies from this site”.

“I couldn’t go out in my hometown since all boys expected immediate sex. No one believes in courtship today. I thought I may have bigger chances on Asexualitic where ppl talk a lot first.

I was right, I met Justin there in counted weeks. He felt lost in this crazy society just like I did. We understand each other in everything and we’re together for a long time now, in a platonic way”.

“I guess I was a bit afraid of girls around me who seemed to behave aggressively. My mother added to my fears since she was repeating they want sex and money. I wanted smth calm and nice.

My ex-schoolmate was happy with Asexualitic chats so I decided to try out as well. I was surprised to meet so many sweet girls who act normal and don’t stress me at all. I am seeing one of them now”.

“I think I was pressured by my parents to date a girl and by my gay friends to date one of them. I needed a break to see what I really want myself. Asexualitic served me just fine in that regard.

I communicated with boys and girls without any expectations from their side or my side. It was like, for six months before I met Christine in one of the anime groups and had a crush on her”.

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Expert Summary

“Dating sites and networks like Asexualitic, are critical nowadays when genders are so mixed and various, when singles are greatly affected by stressful factors in their lives. They need a difference.

Such platforms guarantee each person will be respected and cherished, regardless of their biological data or views on things. No one remains lonely, despite the stereotypes of society.

That’s why relationship therapists and other specialists recommend these asexual and gender-neutral sites so often. They give us freedom to choose and decide what is better for us, and only us.

This particular site isn’t overpopulated, but it cannot be anyway. Most of its users find it helpful and qualitative, moreover, it’s completely safe and friendly to anyone except for bullies.

Taking how many people of all ages found their match of long-waited friends on Asexualitic, we rate it high and keep on listing it among the well-checked, emotionally healing sources for singles”.

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