EasternHoneys Review (Meet Beautiful Asian women)

The site purpose

EasternHoneys aims international and interracial dating, Asian travel, and Asian hookups. It brings westerners and easterners together, helps to arrange the trip, encourages the marriages.

EH functions as chat messenger, inbox for longer emails, the private photo storage platform, travel dating blog, sex match finder, international marital agency, and Asian social network.

Benefits for new members

  • 20 welcome credits for free
  • Quick registering via email
  • Ability to edit or re-do the profile later
  • ID verification system
  • Free messages reading
  • Free winking on other members
  • Free adding to favorites
  • Free basic search
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Pros of EasternHoneys

Nearly 1.5 mln active members are a good guarantee one will quickly match with someone. The site is well-promoted and highly rated in terms of female users’ profiles, their response.

The site claims to be over-certified in safety. Fraudulent accounts are easily reported. Scammers or robots won’t pass the ID verification and moderators’ extra protection. Users report it’s secure.

Fair pricing allows to save the credits and spend them wisely. For example, it’s enough to exchange ten or more mails to get the basic knowledge about a person, and then request the real meeting.

Cons of EasternHoneys

Asking for direct contacts isn’t easy, 3000 credits should be spent prior to that. Some users find this condition too restricting and manipulative. EH doesn’t help to arrange the tour or trip either.

Since this dating site doesn’t encourage its members to fill the profiles properly, they often appear to be vague and even empty. Also, there are no personality tests or compatibility quizzes.

The number ofmen severely prevails, so each pretender has too many competitors online and fewer guarantees a girl will eventually chose him. It makes him spend extra on gifts and chatting.

EasternHoneys review

Girls’ Profiles

EH is known for the great quality of female users’ profiles. Most of girls have amazing studio photos which can only mean they work as models or got this portfolio from commercial marital agencies.

Both categories can be genuine in a way, but one should always realize which top strategies work the best. Models may want a sponsor or a lifelong partner, try to clarify this from the beginning.

Marital agency clients may be too serious for casual hookups or, sometimes, the scammers, so talk with them in depth and always analyze all messages, actions, before you proceed further.

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Ice-breakers system

There are only a few kinds of ice-breakers on EH so the system is pretty basic. But some of the features can be used as ice-breakers too, just do not underestimate them and use some imagination.

  • Winks. Nearly each dating site on the Internet has a Wink feature. There aren’t mass winks on EH, only personal ones so you can send them only from a person’s page.
  • Faces. Faces feature on EHreminds a simplified Tinder technology, since it allows to skip the users’ faces you didn’t like enough, and quickly favorite those ones you like.
  • Real gifts. There are no virtual gifts on EH, only real gifts. Some members use them as ice-breakers by ordering a rose or a chocolate bar to a very new girl in the database.

Success stories

Success stories are the strong side of EH, since there are so many. Some can be seen on the site and the others found on other sources. Most of love stories happened back in 2000s though.

“Bryce from Manila became my first love in Asia, and I met her through EasternHoney. The site was so convenient to use, we matched instantly. We chatted for months though before we met.

For me, it was the most comfortable way to meet someone. I spent the best vacation in my life in the Philippines, and now I’m moving there for good, to be with my Bryce. Thank you EH”, John shares.

“Girls in Asia are all hot, but I was happy to get acquainted with Aiko from Japan on EasternHoney”, Marshall admits. “She was so young but already mature, very sexy and loving.

I directed many of my friends to EH after, being inspired by my positive experience. Although we remained friends, Aiko has opened the gate for me and I am dating Asian chicks only since”.

“I have met Nyama from Vietnam on Eastern Honey”, Peter says. “She was everything I have been searching for. Brains, sexiness, hard-working attitude. Such women are the wife material.

We quickly met without wasting our time in chats. Very modest and down-to-earth, she didn’t require fancy restaurants and that is why I love Asian women. We are a great couple now, I’m thankful!”

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Expert’s opinion

EasternHoneyis a classical, even a bit too plain dating site with very basic features, where one can find his Asian love. Its popularity is stable but reminds around average latest years.

The good side is that EH is completely perfect for users beginners or senior users, people who mostly practiced offline dating in their life. This site is simple enough to serve them well and teach things.

In general, singles trust less to credit-based platforms since there’s a danger they will stimulate chatting with the bots. But in this case, users seem really happy with what they get for the fair money.

Although there are some safety issues and a few fraudulent accounts may exist, the number of success stories is impressive and reassures the users that EH is an effective and legit Asian dating site.

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