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russian-woman-datingDo you want to forget about loneliness and are in search of a new relationship? Then you should visit one of the best online dating sites It helps thousands of people around the world to find serious relationships. We pay special attention to the problems of the relationships. Here you will learn how to attract the attention of men and women with help of your profile.

You should know that thanks to the photos, visitors of your profile get a first impression of you. That’s why you should pay attention to the choice of a suitable picture. If your profile is visited very often, but you get a few messages it means that you need to analyze your main photo?

The administration of offers an advice to help you choose the most suitable photo.

  1. Do you have great photos where you look very good, and at the same time you are surrounded by other people? Do you want to show that you care about other people and try to add a photo of the family? We don’t recommend using group photos for the main profile picture. After all, when searching for the partner, the users want to see your picture, not your friends or family. If you are in the frame of other people, they will divert attention from

If you have some interesting pictures that reflect your hobbies such as surfing, riding a horse or your first parachute jump, you should add them, but not as profile picture. Even if these photos are very attractive, you still should make your choice in favor of the portrait. Thanks to the main photo, all visitors of your profile gets the first impression about you. They want to see your face, your eyes and facial expressions. Those who are interested in your primary photo, will be able to learn about you and your interests more than by looking to your photo album.

  1. Be open. If you want to encourage the other members to action, select the photo, where you look directly into the camera. Smile! It’s more attractive than a serious face. Avoid photos with accessories such as sunglasses, hats, etc. – they give the impression that you want to hide your face. Select a photo, where you are looking at the camera and you are smiling. This picture creates a sense of openness and makes a positive impression.
  2. Do not create a false impression of your profile photo. Despite the fact that there is a temptation to embellish a little yourself and choose a photo where you are ten years younger, more muscular or slim, don’t do this. After all, it is also important for you, to find the user who will be in real life as attractive as on profile picture. If the picture does not match the real image, the first meeting will lead to disappointment.russian-dating-tips
  3. If you cannot find a suitable photo, make it. If you don’t have an actual picture of you, this is not a problem. That is just a question of time. Ask your friend or family member to take a picture of you on some not very motley background. It is best if the background is light, but avoid being photographed against the light (on a background of a window in order not to look too gray). Or you can refer to the professional photographer. The attractive photos increase the chance to get acquainted with the necessary person.

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