Globalladies com Review (Prices, Registration, user’s comments, profiles)

The factors of a truly legit dating site

Dating Russian women became a trend decades ago. But together with that, it became a profitable and often cruel business. Single western men should be careful with this stuff.

Hundreds, if not thousands of dating apps and sites are dedicated to Eastern European women, but you might already know not all of these platforms are actually legit. It must be checked each time.

Ironically, there is much less scam noticed on Asian dating sites, but interracial dating is still considered controversial, even now in the twenty first century.

While Eastern European girls are Caucasian just like the majority of western men, plus they compliment men with their classy looks: naturally blonde or chestnut hair, model parameters.

Consequently, this kind of dating isn’t criticized itself, but the process indeed has many pitfalls and nuances you should know about before you hit the stony path.

We are going to analyze the Globalladies activity and real users’ experience, to understand whether it’s a scam or legit. You are welcome to follow our thought in this brief review.

First of all, we must define what exactly legit is. Lots of men criticize the sites and the girls without realizing what is fair and what is not in a dating business.

You’ll agree that a legit site offers real female personalities and not fake ones. Ideally, they should present themselves on the platform instead of being presented by the third persons.

Sometimes, when the local agency is presenting a lady, she is real, still. But she participates much less in a correspondence, chatting, romantic tours, or meetings.

Basically, she is just a beautiful picture aimed to collect your gifts and money. She may have a local boyfriend or not, she may want to get married to a foreigner or not, it depends.

Dating experts believe that even a non-serious girl who was after gifts and shopping only, may change her opinion and sincerely fall in love with one of the visitors.

On another hand, a completely honest Russian girl who can’t wait to get married, may turn to your wasted time and money because she is too selective and picky so you just don’t fit.

But, does it make her a scammer, because you spent so much money on a correspondence and airline tickets? Actually not, as she has the right to make the final decision after meeting you.

However, men are often frustrated by their weakened budget and missed working hours or a wasted vacation, so they get furious and call such a picky bride the disgraceful scammer.

If it was so, then Globalladies, previously known as Chance for Love, could be called a scam site. Russian girls registered there, are ready to meet up and sometimes they refuse a man after meeting him.

But we consider it absolutely normal. Even video chatting isn’t as informative as the real meeting, and both parts have the right to eventually dislike each other.

Our main warning is that international dating is very expensive and any illusions on that matter should be immediately excluded. You shouldn’t start it if you have no resources.

Just imagine how easily Russian and especially Ukrainian girls can be met by men Europeans who use convenient low-cost flights, sometimes as cheap as 9 euros one way.

If you’re from the USA or let’s say Australia, can you say the same about yourself? Right, it’s a very costly project even on a stage of visiting your chosen one or attending a romantic tour.

Your future fiancee’s or a girlfriend’s visa to your country is normally costly too, especially if she is going to visit together with her child or a close friend.

If you hope that your wedding with an Eastern European girl will be cheaper than with a spoiled and materialistic western woman, you should know that wedding is everything for Slavs.

They idealize it, they want it to be perfect, they are waiting for it the whole life since their childhood, and their family is waiting too. So you cannot break their traditions and minimize the ceremony or its cost.

In comparison with all these worries, expensive correspondence and chatting do not seem that dangerous anymore. It’s just a very beginning or the whole process and you should better prepare.


Red flags that may disturb you

Now when we made it clear that international dating is always costly, let’s take a look at particular features and services of Globalladies in order to analyze it deeper.

What do you think, for instance, about the absence of video chats on Globalladies? Right, it’s very weird. This option is called to prove that a girl is real, and bring you two closer.

But it is absent. For sure, it opens the horizons for catfishers and even the big agencies that are completely dishonest. Some of them may misuse the photos of Instagram models.

So just watch out like you do everywhere on the Internet, and test the girl before you go further with her. It’s a normal practice and you won’t look too suspicious to her.

Instead of such a vital feature as video chats, the site offers short videos in almost each girl’s profile. But, are they really helpful? They aren’t equal to the feature that is missed.

You see, the profile video is made only once, before the girl’s registration. Even if she changes her mind on the next day, the agency may still be using her photos and videos.

That’s why a video chat feature cannot be compared to introductory videos. It isn’t the same. Short videos or pre-recorded webcam videos do not replace the real-time video chat.

Another fact is that Globalladies actually doesn’t have an efficient database. Only 10 thousands or active female members sounds depressing. It’s too little for a huge Russia plus Ukraine.

This quantity also has another informational meaning: the site may be owned by a chain of local agencies or even contain only several big agencies with the same owner.

If it wasn’t so, the number of active female members would be much bigger. It’s only natural to gather all single girls or at least their photos from each particular city of Russia.

Like every credits-based site, Globalladies minds its own profit and behaves accordingly, yet providing you with certain possibilities to set up the real meeting.

So you must be ready to little tricks as well as not-so-little: the girls’ photos are often severely edited, and she doesn’t receive or leads all the correspondence, professionals do that for her.


Some dating tips that shall be useful for you on Globalladies

Like se said, this dating site is kind of real, and can still be preferred by some less demanding westerners. After all, the main purpose is to meet a single girl in Russia, and it happens here.

If you already invested your money and still have some credits remained, better use them wisely. Communicate only with the girls who are sincerely interested in you, but aren’t too fanatic or naughty.

Once you notice a too keen interest that isn’t very natural or reasonable, you might be talking to a third person. Reduce your correspondence and write one letter in a week only.

The best way is to set up the meeting after watching her video and exchanging a few letters. But analyze every word of her and re-check everything before you fly over.

It’s up to you and your preferences whether you need to choose this dating site or another one. Some men prefer free dating sites and try their luck on Mamba or LovePlanet.
globalladies dating

Others do not want to constantly weed out the ugly girls, non-English speakers, and the girls not interested in foreigners. It’s exhausting to weed them out all the time.

Sites like Globalladies, aren’t perfect but they already made all the hard work for you. They gathered together the girls who at least consider dating a westerner, and who are attractive enough.

Although the risk remains, it rather concerns your budget and not your heart. You’ll pay more for unnecessary letters and messages, but you’ll go out with a girl you chose, or with several ones in turn.

That is very reassuring. Going to another country and merging with a strange culture for personal purposes is stressful. Taking a risk with platforms like Globalladies, makes sense.

After all, many real users rated this Russian dating site as above average, and confessed they had at least one real meeting with its help or were going to have.

So if you have finances, time, patience, and enough experience to plan such a massive project as dating a Slavic beauty, Globalladies is rather a good place for you and you can take a chance.


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