How much does it cost for full hookups worldwide

Travel guides rarely tell us about the prices on full hookups dates, but it’s easy to find out. They are well comparable with escorts prices which respond to the cost of living in a particular country.

Eastern European hookups

Experienced hookupers know that not all Eastern Europe is actually cheap. Poland and Czech republic are the most expensive ones, since the level of life is high and girls are very beautiful.

Taking a girl out, buying her drinks and meal, presenting some seductive souvenirs, all together would cost you from $350. While it’s just about $100 in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania.

Latin American hookups

Out of all Latin countries, Brazil is the most expensive one in regard of hookups due to enormous number of tourists. But one can get laid for about $30 in poorer and remote districts.

While Colombia is the cheapest country for that purpose, also the riskiest one. The official $80 are for model-looking escorts only, but simple girls from the poor families would accept the $5-$10.

Central Europe hookups

European prices do not differ much from western prices, it’s around $250 in Spain, Greece, Italy.

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