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How to propose a girl?

Most of the people are sure that all good things should happen automatically, especially when it concerns the question of love and relationship. But very man should know, that any relationship needs a lot of efforts. If you want to live a happy and prosperous life with the girl, you should do your best, and the first step for married life is a proposal. If you want to hear the positive answer from your lady, then follow our advice!

Option number 1. It is suitable for young people who are not afraid to do it in front of the crowd. The main thing is to choose a really crowded place, for example the metro, a large shopping center, an area in the center of the city. It is necessary to attract the attention of a large number of people, and propose the girl you like. She will be touched by  your courage and will surely say you “YES”.

Option number 2. You can also make an offer in the theater. First of all you should agree with the director of the theater in advance, invite the girl there, and during the performance go out on stage with a huge bouquet and make an offer. But if the theater is not enough for you, you can do it at a concert of girl’s favorite band. This is very romantic and memorable way to make a proposal of marriage.

Option number 3. Everyone knows about the radio programs in which you can order music, congratulate on holidays and just send greetings. If your girl is listening to the radio at that moment, just leave the apartment and call on the radio and propose a girl on the air. Your beloved woman will be surprised.

Option number 4. Another way for guys who are not afraid propose in  public. In the morning, when the girl wakes up, you should stand under her window with a bouquet of flowers, and cry all your heart about your feelings. Neighbors will stare at you with a pleasant smile. Don’t write on the asphalt offer, here you need to scream so that the whole world will hear and see how you love your princess.

Option number 5. This method is not quite simple, but cool. You will have to learn how to fly in a hot air balloon. Just raise your beloved girl in the clouds, open a bottle of champagne, pour into glasses and take out a box with a ring. A future wife will be crazy about you.

Option number 6. To make an offer using this method, you will have to do all your best. First you need to find a romantic and beautiful place not far from the flying club. Then ask the pilot to fly at the right moment with an inscription on the poster not far from the place where you and your lover will have a picnic. The main thing is that the inscription should be clearly visible.

Option number 7. You can intrigue your beloved with help of the a gift, girls like to open boxes with gifts inside. So let’s give her this opportunity, pack the ring according to the “matryoshka” principle – box inside the box and so on. In the last box, your beloved should find a ring.

Option number 8. Every girl likes photos, that’s why you should take advantage of this weakness. Make a photo album of your best romantic moments. And on the last page write your proposal with the inscription “Date of our wedding“. Let the girl choose the date of this beautiful moment.

We hope that these small tips will help you to make the best proposal ever. Don’t forget that at our site Viktoria Brides you’ll have the opportunity to find the most useful information and find the best girls for love and family.

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