Listcrawler Philadelphia: The flaws and benefits of website

Listcrawler Philadelphia: The advantages and disadvantages of using

Listcrawler is a fairly popular hookup website set primarily for escort providers and their clients. There are certainly other types of customers on the website, but this is a dominant layer of users. The website’s target audience is well-provided adults with loose principles regarding private life – again, only mostly.

Since the majority of Americans who fit these criteria live in the prosperous cities throughout the country, that’s exactly where the demographic split of Listcrawler users is set. A handful of very ‘respectable’ cities serve as user hubs, whereas everywhere else (including rural areas, town and less fortunate cities) aren’t as popular.

Philadelphia is one of such ‘respectable’ cities where finding the company for the evening on Listcrawler is a matter of minutes. It comes with the price, however – both figurative and literal. You have to pay for the services, but there are also general and Philadelphia-specific disadvantage that can drive you away from this website.

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The website itself

The majority of local users are either blatant sex workers or escort providers, and it shows. The front of the site is pretty similar to an average porn website. It’s definitely unlike an average hookup app, because those may be full of people who extend such services, but they still don’t allow advertising it as straightforwardly.

Listcrawler is still pretty similar to Tinder. Tinder feels more genuine for several reasons:

  1. Listcrawler is full of professional freelancers who earn their living by going out with people (and more, of course);
  2. Tinder is full of people who want a genuine relationship, even though they are easily distinguishable from the users willing to be a one-night stand;
  3. You don’t pay individually on Tinder, at least not necessarily. There, you pay for the entire experience of being able to message people and arrange dates

These are major differences, it seems. If you remove the extremes of professional escort providers and genuine people, you’re left with virtually the same picture. Therefore, you can expect that the experience on both platforms will be extremely similar in nature.

It means, all things considered, that Listcrawler might be fairly comfortable, if not for several crucial disadvantages the users will experience.

Listcrawler is always shut down

Is Listcrawler down?’ is the most popular question people ask online regarding this website. The reason is obvious – Listcrawler is very rarely working properly. It’s always down because of some unknown problems with either the code or the servers. Not only does it make working unbearable for people who actually earn their living on the website, it also negates one of the crucial benefits of this website.

The greatest advantage of Listcrawler is its speed. You can find a perfect person for the evening and invite her over that very day. If the website crashes twice a day, the advantage of being able to find people extremely fast is negated at an instant.

It’s not the only negative effect. The active users who extend the services are driven off from the website, which doesn’t help the situation. It’s extremely unstable, which only fuels the already common suspicions that the platform isn’t exactly trustworthy.

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The trustworthiness

‘Is Listcrawler scam?’ is the second most-asked question regarding Listcrawler online. The image of a scam operation is fueled by two major flaws: the reputation of the peer websites, and the possibility of scams.

Scamming on Tinder is pretty challenging as the app is aimed at the human interaction, conversations and dating. However it’s much harder to nice that a Listcrawler user is scamming you. If the person on Tinder is actively trying to get your money, it’s noticeable, not to mention punishable.

There’s no clear data of how scam frequency on Listcrawler, but the fact remains: you have to be vigilant and careful on this platform in order to keep your money.

It doesn’t help that Listcrawler as if on purpose looks shady. Many other websites of similar purpose have either been in trouble for different illegal activities (see Backpage) or simply weren’t deemed important enough to be checked. Some websites even close their eyes on child prostitution happening on their property. In short, the reputation of the websites akin to Listcrawler is troubled.

Now, Listcrawler probably doesn’t support child prostution, but unless they prove it, nobody can be sure. That’s the reality.

Philadelphia-related qualities

The regular downsides and upsides are great for understanding the possible setbacks you may experience during your visit on this website. However, in order to get the full picture, it’s crucial to see how the website works with the environment you mean it for.

Not only will it expose some major flaws, but it will also finally let you see exactly how efficient using the platform will be for you specifically. There are several disadvantages and advantages the Philadelphia users may experience.

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Demographic situation

Philadelphia is the sixth most-populated city in the United States. Together with its modest size, the city also has a fairly high density of population – about 4.500 people per km² (about 2.800 m²).

This may have negative results for the like of an average Philadelphian, but in this instance it’s a benefit. Density implies bigger vertical outstretch and smaller horizontal outstretch. Traveling vertically, of course, is much less of a hassle than traveling horizontally, in terms of city traversing.

In short, it means that going from one corner of Philadelphia to the opposite one is easier than doing the same thing in the cities with similar population, but bigger density. Numbers aside, you’ll have better chances to find someone not that far away from you, wherever you could be.

In short, Philadelphia’s geographic qualities are very beneficial for Listcrawler.

The number of users

It’s especially evident when you consider the number of users in this city. Being one of the most developed cities in the United States, Philadelphia is home to many white collars and other people who consider themselves well-provided. They are the target audience of Listcrawler, so it’s unsurprising the amount of users in this area isn’t surprising.

On another hand, there’s a larger number of Tinder users in the city. It’s not as hard to find people who’d want to be hooked up for one night. So, the amount itself is quite terrific, but in relation to the popularity of similar websites, it doesn’t stand the test.

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The culture

Loose private lives are the factor that often increases number of hookups in a community. Between different countries, the difference is noticeable. For example, there is a lot less hookups happening in Poland than in Germany, it’s immediately evident. It’s often harder to compare different cities from one country – America, in this instance.

In case of Philadelphia, however, it isn’t as challenging. It’s widely-known that Philadelphia is the office town, much less liberated in this sense than, say, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

This fact actually decreases the amount of hookups per area dramatically. You can put it like this: the more ‘boring’ cities are less likely to be a good place for a hookup.

In conclusion

All things considered, Philadelphia is a very good city for Listcrawler, even if the website itself isn’t too good. There are a lot of factors that make using Listcrawler and many other similar websites (including Tinder) a good idea in this city.

Well, that’s it for this article. If you want to know more about dating on the Internet, feel free to check out the video below, it has a few interesting facts in it:

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