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Rosebrides at the first glance: scam or legit?

Although a young and developing platform, Rosebrides managed to gain some popularity and become well-known, especially among single westerners who seek an Eastern European bride.

Officially, the number of members exceeds 60 thousands and keeps on growing especially on summer period, but there’s no data how many members are legit or at least active.

The dating site isn’t focused on Russian or Ukrainian women only, it extends its female database to Asia and Latin America. And it’s the first red flag that may be noticed by you.

Why so? Because Eastern European, Asian, and Latin American women are in the highest demand on the dating market. They are gathered together on some platform only with the commercial purpose.

There are certainly reasons for such a high demand as women of listed types are extremely sexy, feminine, but they are also a low-budget category when it comes to dating and marriage.

However, dating sites with paid services as well as local agencies make all the thing terribly expensive. Monthly subscription fees, pay-per-letter or pay-per-minute principle result in barely affordable usage.

Rosebrides isn’t an exception as it’s a costly site as well. Slavic girls actually prevail in its base, probably because profitable cooperation with local dating agencies is more typical for this category.

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But let’s analyze further and see whether it contains other signs of a purely commercial yet effective dating site with a vast database of real girls ready to meet up.

You see the sites that cooperate with marital agencies, always offer a huge assortment of very professional photos and present the girls from the very best side. Because theoretically, the final purpose is marriage.

While on Rosebrides, women’s casual photos severely prevail. Those are photos of either poor quality, or with unnatural postures / background not really appropriate for the dating site.

Dating experts’ experience tells that such non-logical photos are rather stolen from social network profiles than placed by the owners intentionally. They just aren’t attractive or reasonable.

Below, you will find a brief description of basic features that is going to prove or disprove our quick conclusion about non-legitimacy of Rosebrides. Maybe things aren’t that bad!


Basic features for a closer consideration

Do you prefer a super-quick registration or a longer one with detailed questionnaires and personality tests? The right answer depends on your dating purpose.

You shall agree that quick and superficial signing up is logical for hookup apps and sites where users want to keep anonymity and get as quick results as possible.

While Rosebrides positions itself as a marital site: Rose – brides. Consequently, it should offer exclusively detailed personality and compatibility tests, right?

But it doesn’t. The test exists, but it isn’t really informative and each member can easily skip it. For what? To prove his intentions aren’t serious at all? Looks fishy.

Another absent feature is video chats. Now let us ask you, how can a user ever know that he is chatting with a real person? It is impossible without seeing each other.
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Along with women’s photos of weird quality, it creates an impression of catfishers’ lab. Anyone can quickly sign up, upload a beautiful blonde’s photo, and start his virtual hunting.

It is also possible because security system is absent as well. There’s no Captcha checking, ID verification, FB or phone verification, and so on. With all of the above, the users’ safety is equal to zero.

Since the personality test isn’t obligatory, the automatic matching system is absent on Rosebrides. Instead, you get the automatic list of the hottest brides of the day.

Surprise: this list seems absolutely random and often contains not beautiful or not even good-looking girls. The so-called system is just switching the female users from ones to others so it’s not exactly the Top.

One advantage that we would mention, is the presence of dating blogs and essays that are really helpful for the beginner. On another hand, they may be copied from another source.

Lately, dating blogs are in fashion as they add some prestige to the platform and attract more visitors. But on Rosebrides, it makes really an irrelevant and artificial impression.

Now let’s return to the high price of the membership which is about 50 dollars. For what? If you’re experienced online daters, you probably know where such a price is appropriate.

It is appropriate on elite dating sites with celebrities in its database and a long waiting list; or, on narrowly specialized dating sites with guaranteed marital services. Rosebrides is none of that.

Dating apps and sites that turn romance into a purely commercial business, at least organize that wisely and have excuses for their expensive services. But Rosebrides just doesn’t care.


Experts’ observations and a final summary

Despite all the flaws we listed, Rosebrides partially work, still. It already reached an efficient level of popularity for attracting a lot of legit members as well, even if it’s hard for them to find each other.

Therefore, if you decided to try this and exactly this dating site, try to be patient and act wisely. Eastern European girls are surely a wonderful option for dating, so do not get distracted by other women out there.

It’s easier for you to navigate among Russian and Ukrainian women, simply because they have a similar mentality and one conquers them in a similar way.

Their countries have similar problems and similar social structures, almost the same economy, so you know what to expect and how to motivate them. It’s not so simple with Asia.

First of all, there are too many Asian countries and this culture is too specific so it deserves a separate platform, otherwise it looks like women are just a picturesque amendment, a fishing lure.

As dating experts, we would also add that Asian women acknowledge their specific traits and have a sense of dignity, so they would likely register on a separate dating site dedicated only to them.

Secondly, you cannot navigate among Asian women and their expectations with such a lightness. No, it’s way more complicated to combine their different mentalities into one template.

How can you combine, for example, Filipina women and South Korean or Singaporean women? They are on the opposite ends of the social and economical position.

You can get a Filipina girl with just a box of sweets and a piece of fake jewellery, while conquering a Korean woman would cost you a fortune. So, Asian dating isn’t a common definition.

Placing such different types of Asian women on one site together with Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Latin American girls is a deadly mix. It’s really fishy and confusing.

So, the very first thing you have to do, is focusing on Eastern European women only. Then you need to weed out the bots, catfishers, scammers, and non-serious girls.

You think it’s impossible? Don’t be pessimistic. There are already many tutorials and dating tips on the Internet from men who managed to do this on various platforms like this one.

Start from the greetings: they shouldn’t be too sweet and stereotypical. Someone who immediately calls you darling or sweetie, isn’t a real genuine girl. Believe us!

Step number two: ask long detailed questions from the beginning. Don’t be afraid to be boring or annoying. After all, you are there to get to know each other, and to get intimate!

If, and when she tells her story, watch out about every word. Simply by using your logic, you’ll quickly notice the contradictions and make your conclusions.
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Moreover, be sure there aren’t such big red flags as complaints about her financial situation. Ideally, you’re a very new person to her and she shouldn’t start from negative stuff.

But if she does, it means she is either a scammer or a legit user, but not smart enough to treat a perspective man with respect. A decent woman shouldn’t be a beggar.

The third crucial step is discussing the real meeting. Even if your nearest vacation is in one year from now, ask her very straightforward questions anyway. You need to test a girl.

If she calmly says she’s ready to welcome you anytime, and gives a trustworthy outlook on that, congrats: you’re lucky! But if she starts to find excuses and sounds uncertain, there can be pitfalls.

Do not believe fishy patterns that her relatives in a distant village may invite her anytime, her boss may send her to the business trip anytime, and her father is too strict for letting her go out with you.

Be smart! Rosebrides demands a lot of carefulness and thorough analysis like the majority of dating apps and sites, so do not lose your positions and try to catch the best chance out there.

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