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russianwoman.caSome pre-history and primary analysis wasn’t created yesterday but it was created in a wrong moment, that’s why it still cannot be called popular or at least well-known. 2006 was wrong for a dating business for sure.

Dating experts say the most successful dating apps and sites were launched either in nineties or in latest years. Those launched in nineties, found themselves on a peak of popularity in 2005.

But soon after, this wave started to go down and western men were becoming more suspicious. The dating business has proved to be over-commercialized and nearly criminal.

That’s why the owners of have chosen the wrong year to begin. The users worldwide were already disappointed and didn’t want to make new investments.

However, the platforms that started before the millennium and reached the peak of popularity, remained famous and managed to keep a big number of male clients by inertia.

Primitive design, and non-innovative features weren’t the obstacles because people didn’t see anything better in the market at that period. People only minded the success stories and overall feedback.

The second wave of popularity takes place now. Very new and trendy dating platforms with cool and unusual features win the prize, especially if they resemble social networks. with their extremely simple looks and lack of features, remain far behind. That’s why you won’t find much information about them over the Internet, after a decade and a half.

Now that we know its pre-history, let’s see how works on a daily basis and what it suggests. Can one find something useful for him there, despite the factors we listed?

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The pricing and possibilities: are they adequate? isn’t a cheap site. Moreover, it’s a credits-based, pay-per-letter site where you pay literally for every step, instead of only paying a fixed price monthly.

The pricing, the content of ladies’ profiles, and such typical features as the gifts delivery, indicate it’s one of hundreds other clones of Anastasiaweb platform. But, clones are usually less successful than an original.

Dating experts shall even share a little secret with you regarding the girls’ profiles on and similar sites: it concerns the level of English section.

The local agencies and dating sites have stopped to indicate the low / beginner level of English in girls’ profiles years ago, because western men turned realistic.

The majority of Russian and Ukrainian girls are studying English at school, except for a few ones who study French or German instead. They also study it at the University.

They are big fans of American pop songs and western culture in general. And they surely improve their English skills for any office job they obtain. It just cannot happen that all girls speak zero English.

But since the agencies wanted to keep on earning on translation services, they created such a trick as an Intermediate level of English. You can see this Intermediate level literally in each profile.

It often means that a girl you chose, understands English and speaks it pretty well, but they have an agreement with the agency and the site that she pretends to be less skilled for a better profit.

That’s why we do not recommend to send the money to a girl for her English lessons, even if she already proved she’s real. English lessons are just an excuse for taking the money from you.

As to real genuine girls, in fact, they are rarely shown on and it’s hard to test them. The majority of female users avoid the video chat feature so you don’t really know to whom you’re speaking.

Dating experts assured us the gift delivery feature isn’t a proof that a site is legit. First of all, there is a possibility to switch off this option in a girl’s profile, and this often takes place.

Secondly, it’s not a problem for a non-sincere girl to take a selfie with the gifts, without getting involved into the process of communication. She is just picking the fruits and lives her own life.

While the letters and chat messages can be written by the third person. We aren’t telling it’s obligatory so, but you should be aware and test your respondents thoroughly.

Ukrainian Women: Gold Diggers or Best Wife!

The overall test isn’t very complicated. Start from estimating the believability of her profile photos. Does it look like she made them specially for an international dating site?

If they rather look like stolen from some social network: distracted glance, barely visible shapes, poor quality, then it’s a red flag and you should keep on analyzing.

Was her first phrase said to you, natural and friendly or too sweet and familiarized? Too sweet greetings aren’t coming from legit girls. They are coming either from bots or from scammers.

What does she want to say in her first messages? Is it a neutral story about her family and background, or complaints about her tough financial situation? It wouldn’t be appropriate for a start of correspondence.

Is her introductory letter automatic / copypasted, or personalized with detailed references to your profile? Of course, the second option is preferable, but it almost never happens.

Finally, how does she see your future meeting, if she discusses such things at all? Is she enthusiastic and reasonable about it? Did she gather any information about her possible removal already?

If yes, then you are the luckiest man. Good results are possible even in hopeless places, so you can meet a sincere and trustworthy girl on too.
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How to proceed with a genuine girl

So, let’s suppose you have met a trustworthy Eastern European girl on like some men already did. How to make sure she is worthy of your further efforts?

Check out the gifts delivery feature, in all regards. Is she willing to receive a gift from you? Does she make hints or motivate you intentionally to order anything from the site?

If not, then it’s a good sign. Does she have this feature turned on in her profile? If yes, then it’s a good sign again. But wait and see whether it remains on all the time.

If it’s sometimes on, and sometimes off, it means she leaves the town periodically and informs her local dating agency. That has good sides and bad sides, so keep on analysing.

Order the smallest gift and make sure the administrators will provide you with the photos of delivery. How does she look on them? Many men underestimate this information.

If she does her best to look brilliant on delivery photos, that is great, but it also means she takes her cooperation with the site seriously and doesn’t want to lose your promising attention.

It can happen that she looks very differently on those casual delivery photos: you notice that she is much older or less slim than on her profile photos. Make your conclusions.

The best way is when she looks surprised, happy, young and beautiful just like you expected her to be, but fresh and spontaneous so that you know she wasn’t preparing too professionally for these photos.

It’s also important how she behaves after the delivery. Is she still warm with you? A stable warmth is a good sign, while enormous enthusiasm is as bad as a complete coldness.

Both variants are unnatural. The first one means she is expecting more gifts and money from you, while the second one means she either lost interest or it’s not even her writing to you.
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When the gifts delivery test is passed, keep going with the meeting project. Even if you are too busy at the moment to travel and meet up, at least ask about her plans and opinion.

She shouldn’t sound fishy or weird in that regard. The best way is when she gives very clear and fair answers to your questions, and is basically ready to meet anytime, anyplace.

Congratulations! It means you have won the romantic lottery and she is probably interested in further steps, or even eventual marriage. Make the last test before organizing the trip.

Tell her you already bought the tickets, but don’t do that in real. Announce the exact dates and wait for her reaction. If she won’t cancel at the very last moment, she passed another exam of yours.

Your common discussion of the meeting should sound trustworthy too on A girl should be ready to meet without an interpreter, without notifying you about her expensive cab, and so on.

Do not expect a Russian girl or Ukrainian women to stay in your hotel room over the night though. If she does, she is either a cheap chick or a professional dater who will rip you off.

Taking you to the fancy restaurant, nightclub, or shopping on the first date are obviously the red flags as well. But if she’s ok to walk and admire the landscapes together, then you’re a winner again.

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