is the on-line dating service that aims at helping mature personals of age 50 + connect for friendship, romance and love. Being over 50, doesn’t mean putting a cross on your dating side of life. At this age dating can also be exciting, full of events and real fun. makes it possible today! The site doesn’t use a modern sophisticated tendency of matchmaking formulas, but does this in an old-fashioned, natural way. People usually don’t like the computer telling them who is their perfect match. At its members are free to choose their prospective matches by themselves. That is why goes to dating basics.

Creating profiles at is very nice. You have enough time for the creation of an extensive profile. There is a plenty of options that you can fill out or ignore, if you consider them irrelevant. So, it is you, who chooses the information that you want to share with others. Creating profile at is a mixture of selection from possible variants, ticking the boxes and writing about you, your preferences, outlook on life and what you are expecting from your future partner and relationship, etc. Great, isn’t it?

Even the search function at is rather basic and standard. Here one can chose the gender he/she is looking for, an age group and the distance how long you can travel to meet up with your prospective partner in future. There is a possibility to narrow searches with some other criteria if you wish. The results of the implemented search appear fast on the screen with photos and summaries about the members meeting your search criteria. It looks very neat, nicely and pleasant to use. cannot boast any extraordinary features. The site has all the basic tools and everything is designed user-friendly so that it is very convenient to use. You can easily navigate at as opposed to some of the contemporary dating sites. There is a great video chatting function that allows you to request a private chat providing you two can see and hear each other with the help of webcams and microphones.

Solid simplicity is what distinguishes from other modern dating websites. There is no overloaded information here. Finding and talking to the people you like is fast, easy, convenient and fun. What else one can desire?! There is a free 24 hour test drive option that allows to fully see how dating works at

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