What to do after a hookup if your casual partner is hot

Hookup are meant for one night only, but it can happen that a casual lover appeared too sexy for giving up. What to say or do to keep them beside you longer than it was previously planned?

• Test the waters. Maybe your Thai women want for hookup and considers smth long-term at least theoretically and likes you back. Ask how their day is going and add some warmth then see.

• Suggest the open relationship. You can do that with the hints and actions, not obligatory with the words. It works if they won’t ever stop seducing the others.

• Be a convenient friend. This option is even better than no strings attached relationship since your hookup will trust you more and spend much more spare time with you.

• Be kinky. It often happens that our hookups can be impressed only in a bed. Then impress them with the new kinks and experiments they won’t find anywhere else.

• Stop if no perspectives. A partner’s hotness can be hurting, especially if they know about their attractiveness. Never allow the one-way commitment, respect yourself.

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  1. When it comes to your relationship, one of the most crucial things you can do is develop trust with your partner.

  2. If you’re dating someone with a problem with trust, it’s essential that you demonstrate genuineness and respect.

  3. By doing this, you’ll develop a connection with your partner and foster a deeper sense of love and respect.

  4. Regardless of the type of relationship you’re in, you need to cultivate all types of intimacy.

  5. There are four types of intimacy, and they are all equally important in forming a meaningful connection.

  6. Understanding what each one of these types of relationship involves is key to maximizing its power.

  7. When you’re dating someone with a problem with trust, remember that it takes a special kind of commitment to make the relationship work.

  8. While it can’t be forced, the ability to develop all types of intimacy can be cultivated to improve your dating life.

  9. By being honest about your mistakes and expressing your regrets, you’ll be demonstrating that you are willing to work through any issues.

  10. It also helps to be open and honest with your partner, because secrecy is often the biggest detriment to trust.

  11. Another important benefit of physical intimacy is the way it boosts the body’s immune system.

  12. Having sex raises levels of the love-making hormone, and couples who have sex frequently tend to feel more affectionate in other areas of their relationship.

  13. Telling someone what you don’t want them to hear takes a lot of strength and vulnerability.

  14. Whether or not you’re being honest with your partner can be a good indicator of trustworthiness.

  15. Regardless of the type of relationship, if you’re being truthful, your partner will appreciate your honesty.

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