What to do after a hookup if your casual partner is hot

Hookup are meant for one night only, but it can happen that a casual lover appeared too sexy for giving up. What to say or do to keep them beside you longer than it was previously planned?

• Test the waters. Maybe your Thai women want for hookup and considers smth long-term at least theoretically and likes you back. Ask how their day is going and add some warmth then see.

• Suggest the open relationship. You can do that with the hints and actions, not obligatory with the words. It works if they won’t ever stop seducing the others.

• Be a convenient friend. This option is even better than no strings attached relationship since your hookup will trust you more and spend much more spare time with you.

• Be kinky. It often happens that our hookups can be impressed only in a bed. Then impress them with the new kinks and experiments they won’t find anywhere else.

• Stop if no perspectives. A partner’s hotness can be hurting, especially if they know about their attractiveness. Never allow the one-way commitment, respect yourself.

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